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About Me

I'm Emily founder of Seeking Soulace with Emily.  I am a soul doula, (in training to be a full spectrum doula) healer, empath, and a guide to help others flourish with their sensitive power. What led me here you ask? August 4, 2005 I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, I remember feeling so alone and hopeless that my childhood changed over night, that I knew I didn't want anyone else to go through the same feeling that I went through.  Throughout my life, I struggled with my own self-worth, empowerment, and the ability to recognize my sensitivity as a gift, until I heard the word empath, the world started to make sense around me. My passion for helping others led me I to obtain my bachelor's and master's degree in social work and I have worked with a variety of populations. 

Around 4 years ago, I had a healing awakening when I woke up over night with chronic abdominal pain, memory loss, getting sick every time I ate, and really not feeling a purpose to live. I saw various doctors with no diagnosis, but at this point I had learned Reiki, was into eating clean, and how food can impact our health. For 6 months I did Reiki on myself and ate a very clean diet, after that 6 months, I had no diagnosis, but ALL of my symptoms were totally gone. I believe a lot of this was caused because of toxic relationships, not taking care of myself as en empath and healer, and not listening to my intuition, but now I have the tools to help others struggling.

Who I serve

I help individuals who are:

-going through a transition (birth, marriage, job, relationship, moving, death, etc.)

-consider themselves sensitive or empathic

-wanting to find balance 

-living with a chronic illness/ or other medical disorder

-overcoming self-doubt

-are searching for their life purpose

-struggling with sharing their true authentic gifts with others

-wanting to serve others for their highest good

-wanting to find their inner power

-knowing they want to transform their life and the lives of others, but don't know where to start

My Mission

I guide and empower sensitive souls to walk through the darkness to help them birth their inner light.

How do I help you?

YOU are your own healer, I am simply here to serve as a guide to give you the tools to not only come home to your soul, feel empowered, but feel comforted and supported in your soul as well as creating the space for you to birth your inner light and purpose.  I offer Reiki sessions, and soul doula services, and house cleansing consults to help guide you on your journey. I am an Erie Reiki Practitioner but also provide distance sessions to you wherever you are at.

Connecting you to the Solace in Your Soul

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