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About Me

I'm Emily founder of Seeking Soulace LLC.  I am doula for all the seasons of your life, MSW, intuitive artist, unity activist, peace lover, tree hugger, and a guide and space holder to help others flourish with their sensitive power. What led me here you ask? August 4, 2005 I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, I remember feeling so alone and hopeless that my childhood changed over night, that I knew I didn't want anyone else to go through the same feeling that I went through. This was my rebirth.  Throughout my life, I struggled with my own self-worth and empowerment,. I have always felt a deep desire to help others heal on a deep level, to provide people choice from a space of non-judgement, inclusivity, unity, and acceptance of ALL beings. 

Around 4 years ago, I had a healing awakening when I woke up over night with chronic abdominal pain, memory loss, getting sick every time I ate, and really not feeling a purpose to live. With no answers I made a decision to heal myself through clean foods, reiki, and removing toxicity in my life. After those 6 months, I had no diagnosis, but ALL of my symptoms were totally gone. Going through this second rebirth helped me realize the need for doing what I do now.

Who I serve

I help individuals who are:

All people who are wanting to find peace, comfort, growth, and transformation throughout the different seasons of their lives.

My Mission

I am a doula holding space for you to grow and expand into your roots and flow with seasons of your life with courage and strength.


How do I help you?

YOU are your own healer, I am simply here to serve as a guide to create the space for you to birth your own inner healer, using ancestral wisdom of the earth to bring you back home.  I offer Reiki sessions, various doula services, events, classes, and ceremonies to help guide you on your journey. I am an Erie Reiki Practitioner but also provide distance sessions to you wherever you are at.

Helping you through the seasons of your life by connecting you to your inner healer.

Big Sunflower