All Hands In

The Hearth Folk Collective is a space for healers of all kinds, all backgrounds, and from all walks of life to come together to bring healing into our community. We are a collective healing space for the hearth and soul of folks to bridge the healing gap.


Seeking Soulace Sacred Membership Portal

*coming soon*

What you Receive with this Membership

-private videos

-workbooks, journal prompts, and meditations

-community support

-resources to support you

-mentorship opportunities

-the membership lessons are divided up by the seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer)

Possible Topics covered



-Reiki/energy healing

-Womb work


-Moon cycles


-Cleansing and Blessing your Spaces


-$11 monthly or $111 annually

*A portion of the profit will be donated to Sisters of Saint Joseph in Erie, PA*

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Image by James Wainscoat