I just really want to say thank you for our session and thank you for being so welcoming and warm. I feel so relaxed and renewed, and I feel like I can find myself again. So thank you for all your help and showing me my strengths. Much love and gratitude <3

Where do I even begin? Emily and I found one another during a major transition in my life. she has been such a wonderful support in helping me get back into my power. I have utilized her eBook on smoke cleansing and that has helped me to rebalance my home. I cannot say enough good things about Emily and the services she provides.

I absolutely LOVE Emily! She is one of the kindest, most compassionate souls I have ever met. I have been doing 30 minute full body in person reiki sessions and they are amazing! I suffer from anxiety and depression issues. Since starting reiki, I feel more relaxed and in tune with myself. The sessions make me feel so at peace and are very cleansing. I highly recommend reiki with Emily to anyone who has an interest in it but hasn’t taken that first step! Emily always answers all of my questions and makes me understand the entire process. She is one in a million!

Emily has an amazing beautiful soul and she has helped me to realize that I am in control of my spirit. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I noticed that even being around her positive energy makes me feel like a new woman. Not only are her reiki session amazing, but she will an see any questions you may have to help guide you in this journey. She also has group reiki and other events that are affordable and fun. Check her out, she’s worth every penny!

Emily is kind, compassionate, and always excited about progress and connections made outside of your work with her. I truly don’t think I’ve ever known someone more genuine! I will be continuing to work with Emily for any soul need I may have in the future.