All Sessions are Done Distant due to Covid

*Please only book if you understand my service does not replace the medical insight of a licensed medical provider*


Pricing is listed on the booking site (supportive pricing available as needed)

Energy Healing

Remote Intuitive Energy Healing Session

25-30 minute session with a type up of anything that came through after your session and voice message for explanation. Done via direct message/email. Example #1 below:

Integrated Intuitive Energy Healing Session

1 hour face to face energy healing session that includes sound healing, specific herbs and flowers, resource sharing, meditation, chakra balancing, crystals, and oracle card pulls. This session encompasses all things to honor your wholistic self. Zoom or phone call (until in-person sessions can resume)

Example #2 below:


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*please make sure to fill out a client form listed on the booking site.



1:1 Mentorship Support

Available November 17-January 17

For those of you that are walking the path of honoring your truth.

For those of you who have a hard time asking for help.

For those of you craving deep connection.

For those of you who consider yourself a DEEP feeler.

For those of you desiring Freedom and sovereignty.

For those of you who often do ALOT of negative self talk and may not even trust yourself

For those of you who have struggled loving your body and trusting and loving it as a divine representation of YOU.

For those of you who are longing for home within.


My hope for any of my mentorships is never pushing you, but finding flow in finding remembrance of who you are deeply at the essence of your soul. For more info about who I am check out my information page or the about me page. I am honored to be a part of your journey in this life.

Pricing and Payment

$377 1 month

$577 2 months

$777 3 months

PayPal,Venmo,or Square


**3 spots available**

-sliding scales, payment plans, and 1 scholarship opportunity as needed for one month. I never want finances to be a barrier from you receiving support, please don't hesitate to reach out.*

Includes 1 hour support calls via Zoom 2x monthly, text support through what's app, individualized resources, meditations, reiki, sound healing, period cycle support, and other various tools as needed.

-Remembering is Your Soul's Calling and is your Birth Right- 

“We don’t become worthy of love someday; we are worthy of love simply because we exist.” -Megan Watterson


Seasonal Ceremony

*Only Available during the seasons of Spring-Late Fall*


For those of you wanting to honor yourself while moving through a transition season in your life. Such as; Grief, loss, a rebirth, a new job, a marriage, divorce, becoming pregnant, etc.

For now, your ceremony is done via zoom. I will be your guide in bringing forth healing elements to assist you through your own personal ceremony. These elements can include things like: spiritual counseling, ceremonial baths, flower and herb allies, card readings, crystal healing, sound healing.

You will receive a package with essentials for your ceremony that I ask you use for our session. Must be booked 2 weeks in advance ensure you receive your package.

Group ceremony sessions are also available, but will require a consult. You can message me with the button below.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 2.00.46 PM.png


I sometimes teach courses depending on where I am at in my own healing journey. The courses I teach incorporate my passions of honoring all people, the land, our ancestors, and various cultures where my teachings come from.

Next Course:

Reiki level 1 & 2 virtual course September 5 & 6, 2020

**Books Closed**

Master Reiki Ignition

1:1 3 hr 30 min ceremony/course to attune you to the master Reiki energy using Holy Fire Reiki you will receive your master ignition along with a certificate and access to the reiki healing group and master reiki google classroom for extra resources to help assist you.

Your certificate can either be mailed to you for an additional cost or it can be scanned and sent to you via email.

My Teachable Courses

Click Here



I have a store on Etsy that I use to create small batches of the things I enjoy to assist you in your healing journey. I work with a lot of natural elements, and take my time to handcraft these items with love and healing energy.

With some of my items the profit is donated to agencies that support missions that are near and dear to me heart. I also love Vintage things, so from time to time you may see some clothing or other items for sale.


Activation Meditations

These are activation meditations for you to listen to at your own time. Each activation is for you to harness the energy needed in your mind, body, and spirit allowing you the space to surrender and connect to the energy needed for you during this time.
These activations allow your energetic imprints in your body to align with the beautiful essence of your soul's highest calling, bringing in your guides, activating your DNA, and other frequencies to ignite your energy.
Each channeled activation comes with a channeled talisman photo  ( An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.). The image can be printed off for you to place on an altar or hang in a sacred space.  This photo allows you to connect with your activation on a regular basis to channel the light code energy needed for you on your healing journey.

You will be sent a link after your purchase via email to download your purchase:



-8x10 photo

-meditation activation

Image by NASA

Goddess Rising Session

*Only Available during the seasons of Late Summer-Middle of Winter*

Goddess Rising Sessions are readings for those of you wanting to see what goddess is calling you to. What traits of the goddesses you embody. You will receive a photo using a multiple exposure feature that allows the goddess to connect to your energy field.

What you will receive:

-an 8x10 sent to you digitally 

-a small reading about the goddess

-any other intuitive messages that come up including; plant and flower allies

How to book:

-book down below and you will be sent a zoom link for our call together the call allows me to take a photo of you and tap into your energy