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Seeding Sage Teachable Courses

Courses to offer extra support

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Ask Me Anything

This is a way for you to ask your own questions. Either I will answer these on my podcast or on Instagram

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Insight Timer

For those of you who are desiring to deepen your meditation practice. I have listed some free meditations on the insight timer app.

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Wandering Wildeflowers Podcast

Channeled Higher Self Guidance for Support

Available on Spotify and iTunes

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My Youtube Channel

As I like to say me coming out of the witches closet. Providing my journey and resources for you as well.

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Free Facebook Community

Facebook group to connect with others to support you on your healing journey.

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Ally Work for Justice and Unity

1. Learn about Human Rights Here

2.Understanding your own Privilege

3. Understanding implicit biases

These resources are all ones I have personally used

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A downloadable workbook for sensitive souls, to help you find some self-love. Also includes a free downloadable medicine wheel.

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