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Doula Services

*Soul & Full Spectrum*


What is a Soul Doula?

 Doula means a woman who serves usually for those giving physical birth. My job as a soul doula is to help you through the seasons and cycles in your life in-between birth (check out my full spectrum doula services for this) and death.

 I myself have gone through various transitions in my life and know what it feels like to be alone, and I wished I would have had support during this time. Working as a social worker I found the clinical approach did not resonate with me. As a sensitive being, I realized the gift of sensitivity is a beautiful thing and how we heal is through CONNECTION and EMPOWERMENT. We as healers, empaths, light workers, and sensitive souls are not weak. We carry the greatest gift of all. To hold space for others, help others find their own inner guide, and begin to truly heal ourselves and others on a soul level. I want to help guide women who are in the darkness find their light, their power, and feel at home in their soul. No more playing it small, it is time to step into power and transformation.


What I use to support you?

-Astrology -Empathy -Reiki -Plant Medicine 

-Emily's Season Signature Program -Kindness

-Empowerment -Full spectrum Doula support -Meditations

-Moon Guidance -Ancestry Healing -Indivdual resources

Emily's Signature Season Program

When we work together during our mentorship my program helps you figure out what season you are in. From there we look at building you up and setting in place resources and other options that will help you with your healing journey. Similar to a tree or plant, we work our way up little by little to make sure you have a strong root system in place so you are able to blossom and shine your light through.

This is for you if:

-Consider yourself in a different season (or transition) in your life


-Want to shift from being the "fixer" to focusing on your own needs


-Are in a different season in your life where you need someone to hold space for you and provide the tools you need to help you through to take charge of your life


-You want to go from feeling disempowered to owning your feminine power


-Get out of feeling anxious to feeling balanced in all areas of your life


-Not speaking your truth for fear of judgement, to stepping into your power and being able to advocate for yourself


-Find yourself in a state of "stuckness" afraid of taking any step for fear of messing up to living a life with passion and purpose


-Desiring to connect more with natural ways of healing instead of traditional western ways


-You are not being seen or heard and want to find your voice




Option 1: Soul Doula Quick Support

These calls or in-person sessions are meant as quick support. If you are struggling and just need someone to help you process through whatever you may be dealing with. 

Calls are 1:1 hourly calls up to 2x a month. 



Quick Support Calls

$66-77 per hour

In-Person Support Session

$77-88 per hour


*Apply Here*

Option 2: Soul Doula Mentorship

With the soul doula mentorship you have the option of working with me as your own personal doula. We will work together anywhere between 1-5 months depending on your need as a team to help you live your life with power and purpose holistically.


You will get:

-45 minute calls every week via zoom or phone call (or in person) 

-A type up with your call and homework

-Individualized resources and support

-Whats App support throughout the week

-Any workbooks or meditations for free or discounted

-Reiki and other energy healing as needed


How you will Feel After:

Everyone experiences the impacts of transitions differently. Some days you are going to feel:

empowered, energized, and ready, whereas other days you may feel all over the place. However you feel, is what you need to experience. My role is to bring you up when you feel disempowered, lost, and confused to help you FEEL into your soul and let your light shine so very bright. I believe support is essential to growth and helping us confront our shadow selves to rise from the darkness and expand into our soul's purpose.


The mentorship is normally $333, but as with my other prices I want to honor you where you are at with sliding scale options and payment plans as needed. The minimum mentorship is 1 month working together.


Apply Here

  • Application for Soul Doula Mentorship: Click Here


  • 1 Scholarship every 2 months

 Soul Doula Services

 Full-Spectrum Doula Services

The focus of full-spectrum doula work is to provide justice and empowerment for womxn of color and community involvement. I focus on reproductive issues through a human rights framework. I work as a doula to help individuals who have experienced; sexual trauma, loss of choice, discrimination, and more.

This is for you if

-need support with a season in your life dealing with reproductive health including; (IUD, birth control, abortion, advocacy for your reproductive health, any major reproductive surgeries, periods, etc.. 


*coming soon birth support including (fertility, planning birth, during birth, and postpartum) 


As a doula my job is to help support you through whatever choices you CHOOSE for your reproductive health. I am here to listen, provide support, and help you find your sense of empowerment.

Calls are 1:1 hourly calls up to 2x a month. 



$55-77 per hour

Monthly Mentorships

max price of $222 a month, but sliding scale options and payment plans are available if needed

Apply Here

  • Application for Full Spectrum Mentorships: Click here


  • Scholarship Opportunities: Click here

Helping you with the season of your life relating to birth, birth control, advocacy for your reproductive health, fertility,abortion, etc.

"Emily is a beautiful soul! She is open minded, positive, empowering, and uplifting which make the perfect combination to assist you during your time of transition. She helps guide you to the answers you already know, but just need that extra push and support to move into that period of growth that is uncomfortable but necessary to go to the next step in your life. She provides you tools and resources to help you along the way in addition to her wonderful guidance and beautiful personality and energy.

 I literally have nothing bad to say about her. She is amazing!! The type of person you want in your corner. After your session, you’ll feel empowered and ready to take the next step toward your self growth." -A.M,

Love from my Clients