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My Credientals

I honestly hate titles. But I know some of you deeply value them and allow you to connect deeper to allowing someone to hold the space for you.

-->I have both my BSW and MSW from Edinboro University

-->Meditation Teacher Certification

-->Holy Fire Reiki Master

-->Even though technically I am a "healer" I use the word ally because I believe you are your own healer. I am an ally to hold the space for you on your path. 

-->Dog mom (that counts, right?)

Understanding the Process

Energy healing is not a "cure all" and healing will not happen over night. The offerings I use to support you are  to aid you in helping you bring balance in your mind, body, and spirit.  Just like a maze we all take different paths, we are all trying to figure "it" out.  

1. You can book on my services page or email me if you are unsure of what service is best for you

2. Once you schedule, you will be asked to fill out a form (for a new client) or (continuous client)

3. For in-person sessions, we will be at my office at 2016 Peach Street in Erie, PA. The building is located on the left side of the building in collaboration with Bastion Studios in Erie, PA. Please wear comfy clothes!

4. Payment is due before your session to hold your space you can pay via PayPal or Venmo

Do you follow a religion?

I believe in divine light and love and believe in God, God being "oneness" and universal energy. I do not follow any specific religion but I will value yours as part of your own healing journey. I rely on my angels, archangels spirit guides, Mother Earth Gaia & various cultural traditions(in my Irish/Welsh ancestry line) to assist me in your healings. I find it important to recognize some of these healing elements are from various cultures. I will always honor the culture that they come from finding cultural appreciation over appropriation.

Why Sliding Scales

Sliding scales are an option to provide choice for those in various financial situations. I believe that healing should not be a luxury but a necessity especially for those in minority groups who have dealt with white violence, cultural assimilation, and appropriation. 

I want to honor you where you are at. Please email me and we can work something out. My goal above all else is accessibility and inclusivity.

I offer 2 scholarships per month for my services. I trust your word, and will not need any proof. I ask you just be honest, and I will hold the intention for that.



Scholarship Applications HERE

Community Agreements

Community Agreements



I vow...


To allow my space to to be a BRAVE space, not a SAFE space

To honor the land and its History- the Erie people are known as "the forgotten people", due to wars with Iroquois nation many were scattered around and absorbed with other nations.  For those who lived here before we must constantly give thanks and acknowledge the stolen lives and the ongoing struggles of our Indigenous family in the face of American imperialism. Part of healing is acknowledging the past in its truest form.

To Speak from the ‘I’ - speak from my own experience

Be open to honoring the shadow and light - to speak my  truth, as I hope you will do the same.  Make mistakes - it’s only human, and there is no shame in falling on your beautiful face. Discomfort is your new friend - expect to be challenged, yet expect no one to judge you. We are here to explore the discomfort - so we can learn the lesson for integration.

To offer a space acceptance - I am continuously learning about my own biases, and want my space to be reflective that I honor your journey, wherever you are at.

To open my heart- to understanding to your life as much as  can. I am always willing to learn.

To be consciously aware - Be aware of the space you are taking up, make sure everyone feels heard, not just the outspoken few.

To practice mindful and empathetic listening - Listen without the need to chime in. Listen, empathize, and allow someone to truly feel heard and seen.

To respect your confidentiality - Take home the experience and learning, not the identity of folks who are courageous to be vulnerable.

Read the room - We all live our own realities, and they are all different, be flexible and open to other ideas while making sure you are not imposing your ideals as the ‘truth’. Use your intuition to guide you. Be willing to have hard discussions, and open the space, as I vow to do the same.

Expect ‘non-closure’ - I encourage you to hang out in uncertainty.  It is the place of possibility, learning and unlearning.  True learning and transformation takes time - do not rush to have an easily packaged conclusion.  Life is messy and it’s beautiful.

Adopted from BUFU community Agreements, MINKA Brooklyn practitioners, and modified by Seeking Soulace

How I Navigate

While I run my own business, it is essential that I take care of my own spiritual health. We cannot pour from an empty cup. This means I ask you schedule a couple days in advance and please let me know if you have to cancel a head of time. I am SUPER understanding, but also have to set my own boundaries for my personal energetic wellbeing. I honestly flow like the seasons, things change for me a lot, and in my business. As I evolve into deeper understanding my truth, I know I can hold the space for you to honor your truth as well. As I honor your humanness, I hope you will do the same for me.

Preparing for a Session

  1. In preparation for a session it is suggested to cleanse your body of any drugs, alcohol, processed foods etc. 

  2. Please fill out a new client form before hand and render your payment due

  3. Wear comfy clothes something that is breathable

  4. Set the intention to receive the energy and be open to honoring whatever comes up for you. 

  5. During a remote session try to be free as much distraction as possible. Put on calming music, bring your favorite crystals near you, and a journal to jot down anything that came to you. Set your timer on your phone for as long as the session is and allow yourself to find gratitude. When doing a remote session I will send you a type up of anything that came through for you along with any cards I pulled.

  6. For an in-person session my office is located at 2016 peach st on the left side of the building in collaboration with Bastion studios. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early.

New client form


Agencies I actively  support

Sisters of Saint Joseph Erie

Lake Erie Native American Council

T1 International

Businesses I love




@hearthfolkcollective (a biz I co-created to bring healers together)








SunandMoonEarth Etsy



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